Teacher-level Unit Design is the next logical step after the district-wide, grade-level curriculum work of Power Standards, Curriculum Mapping or Curriculum Turnaround.

Our eCurriculum tools offer teachers an easy way to design, or backwards map, units of instruction using their district’s pre-loaded, grade-level curriculum expectations and standards alignment.

  • Create Calendar-, Skill-, Standard-, or Theme-based Units
  • Record Instructional Resources
  • Enter Assessment Strategies
  • Common Core Standards Alignment
  • Instructional Targets
  • Grade-level “I Can” Statements
  • Depth of Knowledge Analysis for each skill
  • Unit Overview Report
  • RtI Skill Checklist Reports

Teachers can mix, match and group skills into units, then add instructional resources and assessment strategies. No time to meet this week? Simplify RtI coordination by emailing the team the next week’s overview and skills checklist. This eCurriculum module puts the creative art of unit design back in the teacher’s hands.