Professional learning communities (PLCs) are the lifeblood of the revolutionary schools we serve. The foundation for a team approach is laid during the rollout of every module. We also urge school leaders to provide opportunities for teachers to benefit from the support, strategies and sharing that come from regularly scheduled, targeted discussions with colleagues.

Here is an example of how PLCs can be used to support Curriculum Turnaround:

Sample Monthly PLC Meeting Overview:

Objective: Review individual teacher progress toward meeting Instructional Plan
Format: Grade-level team meetings at each school
Product: Documentation of student learning, shared instructional resources, targeted strategies, and student-specific support

In addition to regular meetings during the school year, it is easy to see how time with PLCs complements the annual update process:

Last PLC Meeting of Each School Year:

Objective: End of year, team accounting of student learning towards the grade-level Instructional Plan
Format: Grade-level team meetings at each school
Product: Preparation for the annual curriculum updates

Sample Annual Update Overview for Curriculum Turnaround:

Objective: Grade-span updates regarding student learning; Strategic grade-span mapping to address existing gaps, redundancies, and misalignments to the standards
Format: Facilitated, district-wide, grade-level and grade-span teacher meetings
Product: Draft of next year’s Instructional Plan for each grade level

Finalize Instructional Plan and celebrate
Format: Facilitated meetings of grade-level teachers
Product: Next year’s student-centric Instructional Plan for each grade level, as well as additional related curriculum reports