Milestone Mapping

Milestone Mapping is the process of establishing and sequencing district-specific Curriculum Milestones.

Every day, students reach, or unknowingly fail to reach, critical milestones in the curriculum. When students miss a milestone, teachers in subsequent grades have two options. One option is to cycle their curriculum backwards. Deficiencies are addressed, but the time available for teaching the grade-level curriculum is compromised.

Their second option is to teach the next Milestone regardless of student readiness. However, instruction takes longer than necessary and the unaddressed deficiencies undermine learning.

Either as a consequence of lost time or “lost” students, neither the lower nor the higher Milestone is fully mastered. Both options only further compound the problem.

Milestone Mapping offers districts the clarity they need to counteract this negative cycle. Each Milestone in the eCurriculum tools is chronologically ordered and preloaded with a detailed list of standards-aligned content and skills.

Districts can create their own definition of Milestone “mastery” by including/excluding any of those listed items with our simple scoring key. This simple scoring key is also used to assign each Milestone to one or more grade-levels, seminars, or courses.

Milestones can be used on their own or in conjunction with other eCurriculum tools to inform wide-ranging curriculum initiatives, such as:

  • Reinvigorated view of curriculum and instruction
  • Standards alignment or re-alignment
  • Response to intervention
  • Authentic and informed “spiraling”
  • Elevation of student engagement
  • Curriculum transparency
  • Personalized, or Mass-Customized Learning
  • Graduation pathways for college and career readiness
  • Deepening of the curriculum
  • Unpacking high school “competencies”, or “proficiencies”
  • Cross-district curriculum coordination
  • Student remediation and summer school offerings
  • Improved use of Title I and Special Education resources
  • Formative and summative assessment systems
  • New, meaningful lens for curriculum examination and improvement

Through the process of Milestone Mapping, teachers work across grade-levels to establish which Milestones they are teaching. As a result, students know exactly which Milestones they need to reach and why they need to reach them. Most importantly, everyone is able to see how, where, and why each Curriculum Milestone fits into the PK-13 learning experience!