Curriculum Turnaround

Our Curriculum Turnaround process provides districts with a practical way to accomplish the curricular demands of school turnaround, without sacrificing teacher morale. The proven approach uniquely combines the Diary Mapping, Core Mapping and Power Standards Modules to incorporate the essential components of the preeminent, research-based curriculum improvement initiatives of the past 30 years.

Curriculum Turnaround requires a one-time investment of two to three days during the first year to build a mapping foundation. The process is sustained during subsequent years through monthly Professional Learning Community meetings and one “annual update” day at the end of each year. In return for this small investment of time, teachers are able to dramatically increase instructional rigor in reading, writing, math, or science, and enjoy perennial alignment to meet or exceed state standards.

Teachers quickly uncover the strengths and weaknesses of their current curriculum and establish an annual, student-centric course of action. Our eCurriculum tools move teachers out of committee, and back into their classrooms where the real increases in student learning occur.


  • PreK-13 Scope & Sequence
  • Enacted Curriculum
  • Gap and Redundancy Analysis
  • Intended Curriculum
  • Common Core Standards Alignment
  • Depth of Knowledge Analysis
  • Grade-level Core Maps
  • Grade-level “I Can” Statements
  • Teacher Curriculum Guides
  • Parent Curriculum Guides
  • Rtl Targets

Increased student learning and teacher morale directly follows.