Created as a way to efficiently meet our districts’ demands for a streamlined, sustainable curriculum revision and renewal process, our electronic curriculum management tools eliminate the traditional busy work and produce lasting results in a fraction of a the time.

Our expanding line of eCurriculum modules for math, reading, writing and science, currently includes:

  • Diary Map Module (2-6 hrs)
  • Core Map Module (2-6 hrs)
  • Student-Friendly Language Module (1-3 hrs)
  • Power Standards Module (2-6 hrs)
  • Curriculum Turnaround Module (1½ – 2½ days)

The Revolutionary Schools advantage comes from our patented approach. We offer the only set of electronic curriculum management tools that provides districts with a preloaded common language of preK-13 instructional content and skills.

The common language we provide is standards- and textbook-neutral. It allows us to complete the busy work inherent in curriculum initiatives, like standards alignment, unpacking standards, and depth of knowledge analysis, so teachers can quickly set to work with the product: a fully customized, student-centric curriculum.

Modules can be used alone, or strategically combined to reach the desired outcome. They can be used simultaneously, or layered together with a seamless data transfer over a number of school years. Regardless of the approach, the revolutionary schools we serve will never have to start over.


I created the electronic curriculum management tools because I knew there had to be a more efficient way for our schools to achieve ‘best practice’. Teachers should never have to sacrifice their precious instructional time in the name of curriculum. 

– Dr. Heather Driscoll
Founder, Revolutionary Schools