Cheryl Berman

Cheryl Berman broadened her instructional palette at the Louvre, when she immersed herself in a two-week Rutgers University graduate course in Paris, France. Berman, a Foreign Language in Elementary School teacher, used the experience to develop a comprehensive lesson plan that enriched her students’ understanding of French and foreign language.

“Our assignment for the program was to select a theme, studying between one and three paintings, and to analyze these paintings with what we had learned from our teachers and our personal research, then write a paper on how we would incorporate this work into our classrooms.

I educated my students on social class, living quarters and it’s decor, clothing, toys, food, textures, emotions and facial expressions. I brought back menus, advertising pamphlets, newspapers, maps, metro passes and a host of other authentic French materials to share with my students.

Since this program, I have also created a Spanish version and use it in my Spanish classes as well. I am still incorporating bits and pieces into my classroom all the time. The students at the Maude H. Trefethen Elementary School in New Castle, New Hampshire benefitted from my experience at the Louvre.”
– Cheryl Berman

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