When teachers work together to create a student-centric curriculum, and are given the time to teach it, the results are astounding.


  • Newfound Memorial Middle School’s math teachers reconfigured the order of their Connected Math Series to align to the standards and meet their students’ needs across grades 6-8.
  • For the first time, RSU 4’s teachers did not have a single student referred for special education services in grades K-2.
  • The teachers at The Gilmanton School worked together to increase the rigor of their math curriculum by nearly two grade levels. Student proficiency rates on their state standardized assessment jumped by 26% after 14 months.
  • Kingswood Regional Middle School’s students earned a reading index score of 97.1 on the NECAP.


“I felt the process of assigning the ‘I can’ statements was excellent, as well as the debate over what depth of knowledge we would strive to achieve.”

“It was helpful to have adopted the ‘I can’ statement for each grade level and especially to meet vertically with the sending and receiving grade level teachers. We finally started working together.”

“I think it was great to agree on the skills as a grade level team. Also meeting with other grade levels above and below us was very helpful.”

“Thank you! I certainly believe we are on the correct path! Thank you to our facilitator Sandy – awesome job! Thank you – well organized. Thank you – a great feeling of accomplishment! ”

“I am relieved to have administrative support in the mapping process. Knowing that the support is there will make teaching reading across the grade levels much easier. We will all know what we are responsible for teaching. Any new teacher can use the map as a guide to instruction immediately.”

“It was a long three hours, but still it was just three HOURS. I did curriculum mapping in my last district, but it wasn’t like this. We did it four YEARS and never got to this point.”

“There was good collaboration among the group. Very respectful and attentive.”

“Hope came from this.”

“I was impressed with the list of skills that we inventoried.”

“My facilitator (Kelly, AP English teacher) did a great job of moving us along. She allowed for thought and discussion, but didn’t let us get bogged down. She did this all in a calm, quiet, authoritative manner.”

“The process wasn’t as painful as I predicted.”

“I teach Special Education, mostly basic decoding and basic comprehension skills. It was good to see the wider range of specific skills students are expected to learn.”

“I think this was the best workshop day we’ve had to target the skills that I need to teach in my classroom.”

“We covered a great deal of information in a very short time. I was actually surprised and very pleased with the results of our efforts.”