Curriculum Milestones


Curriculum Milestones are the unique sequence of landmarks in the curriculum that have a profound impact on student learning and future success.

It is a simple concept. When students master the content and skills embedded in a Curriculum Milestone, they have the knowledge to advance on to the next Milestone. Alternatively, if students move on without mastering a Milestone, learning and teaching will be more challenging than necessary.

Missed milestones are a common occurrence and have many causes, including:

  • Scarcity of instructional time
  • Missing prerequisite skills
  • Vague or dated curriculum maps
  • Broad vs. deep curriculum expectations
  • Changing standards
  • Initiative overload
  • Standards and textbook series that miss milestones or move faster than students learn.

However, once addressed, Curriculum Milestones can provide numerous benefits from improved curriculum and instruction, to more effective assessment, intervention, and remediation.

Rather than swing the pendulum, the holistic development of the Curriculum Milestones sequence incorporates:

  • Children’s developmental stages
  • Pedagogical research on content-area instruction
  • Unique state curriculum standards
  • Common Core Standards
  • Text complexity bands
  • Curriculum textbook series
  • Discussions with thousands of educators over six years

This inclusive advancement serves as the foundation for all the instructional content and skills in our eCurriculum tools and is the inspiration for the Milestone Mapping process.