About Us


Originally founded by Dr. Heather Driscoll as a boutique curriculum design service, Revolutionary Schools has evolved, but it has never lost sight of its client-centric focus. As former school administrators and teachers, our consultants are systems-thinkers, each with over 20 years of experience in business and education. We’ve developed a better way to design and improve the curriculum by providing teachers with a way to efficiently answer the mission-critical question: What am I supposed to teach?


100%: Provide consulting and electronic curriculum management tools that support all teachers to meet 100% of their instructional targets every year.


Increase and deepen student learning through the cumulative impact of coordinated, student-centric instruction, over time.


Use a servant leadership approach to coach administrators and educators through the process of building practical, sustainable, systemic solutions to the unique challenges they face.

We need to start a revolution in the way that school leaders and teachers think and operate, where deepening expectations for student learning follow a clear curricular scope and sequence, and where high levels of teacher autonomy are paired with high levels of teacher accountability.

– Dr. Heather Driscoll
Founder, Revolutionary Schools